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Scout Centres

Kaprálův mlýn

Ochoz u Brna 235

Kapraluv mlyn in the South-East of the country offers accommodation in 2 campsites, as well as 30 beds in dormitory style rooms with shared bathrooms and 20 beds with individual bathrooms. Large hall, classroom, clubroom, dining room and outdoor laboratory i salso included. Maximum capacity is 75 guests. The facility is situated in the middle of beautiful nature of Moravian karst state protected natural rich in caves, gorges, wetlands, grasslands and forests. As a Scout Centre of Excellence for Nature and Environment (SCENES), Kaprálův mlýn offers various educational programmes and as a member of the Goose Network hosts many international scout volunteers.

Rozšířená Scout Centre

Rozšířená 11, Praha

Rozšířená Scout Centre is situated 15 minutes by a public transport from the Prague city centre, the capital of the Czech Republic. It offers 25 places for sleep, kitchen, bathroom and internet connection.

Vanaivan Scout Centre

Komenského 1520, Kopřivnice

Newly established scout house offers accommodation for approximately 25 people with kitchen, toilets, internet etc. The facility includes outdoor climbing and rope activities wall as well as a space for other sport activities.


Kryštof Hyvnar

+420 736 457 121

Domašov Scout Centre

Lesní 167, Domašov nad Bystřicí

Domašov Scout Centre is situated close to Jeseníky Mountains in the North-East of the country with many possiblilities of trips in this region. It can offer up to 60 indoor spaces, plus 20 places for camping by the facility or up to 50 at a nearby field by the river.


Vladimíra Navrátilová

+420 733 197 067

Centre of the River Scouts Pilsen

Habrová 38, Plzeň

This scout centre is situated in the quiet part of Pilsen in the west of the country, approximately 20 minutes on foot from the city centre. It offers space for 30 people with kitchen, bathroom and facilities for sport activities.


Michal Hoznedl

+420 777 618 245

Scout House Hradec Králové

Sokolovská 79, Hradec Králové

Newly reconstructed scout house in the centre of the city in the North-East of Bohemia region is fully equipped, including kitchen and internet. House provides enough space even for bigger groups (more than 40 places, 5 rooms).

Tortuga Scout Centre

Kolínská 282, Nymburk

The centre offers accommodation for small as well as big groups and a lot of indoor and outdoor space for all kinds of Scout activities. Rooms are equipped for visual presentation (projector, screen…). Big garden with a fireplace included.