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Czech Scout Programme

Programme of Junak – Czech Scouting closely follows universal scout values, such as respect for nature and environment, responsibility for personal actions and growth, cooperation within a group and in a society, and active democratic citizenship. We ensure application of these values into practise by the means of non-formal education system called Scout Method, which is well tailored for every age section and individual needs of our members.

Age Sections

The youngest age section of Junak – Czech Scouting is called “Benjamínci”, the word stands for the youngest members of the family. It welcomes boys and girls from 5 to 7 years of age, teaching them how to play outside, be creative, cooperate with other children and rely on other adults besides their parents.

Since the age of 8 until the age of 10, children can join girl units called “Světlušky” (Fireflies) or boy units called “Vlčata” (Cubs). They learn how to manage in a group of peers, express their opinion whilst respecting different ones, follow agreed rules and be active in nature. Czech Scout units are commonly of mixed gender in every age section.

From 11 to 14 girls and boys reach Scout age. The programme carved for this section encourages Scouts to fully express their own personality, advance their abilities and accept their limits, respect agreed rules, spend active time outside, help people and lead a group of peers.

Female members who are 15 and older become Rangers and male members Rovers. Together, they form tribes with activities of their choice (sport, cultural, beneficial projects, trips abroad…). Programme for this age section offers support in finding peers to identify with, projects for exercising active citizenship and gaining international experience. It also encourages Rangers and Rovers to become volunteer scout leaders, their slogan is “I serve.”

Programme tools

Basic tool for all the age sections besides the oldest one is “Stezka” or a Scout Path. It offers its users a variety of activities and suggestions how to learn something new about oneself, others, nature and world. Some activities are individual, some inspire group work. Scout Paths are intended for everybody to pass. The aim of the activities is not merely to acquire a new skill, but most of all encourage lifelong self-development. Rovers and Rangers concentrate on so called challenges and projects instead.

Badge system is another important programme tool used from 8 years of age. Unlike Scout Paths, badges concentrate on encouraging girls and boys to gain a specific skill or ability and so get interested in various fields of human endeavour. Whereas Scout Paths are intended for everybody to pass, to gain a badge is fully optional.

Badge system International scouting badge

Besides regular club meetings for units, trips to nature, summer camps and various local and regional scout events, Czech scouting also offers national events for participants from the second through the fourth age section. Members between 8 and 10 years can compete in sports Olympics, show their talent at an art contest or try and win the all country scout competition. Scouts can participate in a fantasy conquest game, compete in a Prague canoe race or in an all country race for groups named after the founding father of Czech scouting “Svojsík”. Rangers and Rovers can take part in a large variety of educational and motivational events, as well as beneficial public initiatives.

Members of Junak – Czech Scouting are also entitled to the scout magazine written for their particular age section. For the smallest ones, there is “Ben Já Mína” full of interesting activities to help leaders with programme. For 8 to 10 year olds, there is “Světýlko” (Lantern) supporting the Scout Path programme. Scouts have a magazine called “Skaut” which also provides programme tools and supports group work. Rangers and Rovers receive a magazine called providing information from the youth scout world and ideas for a tribe programme.

Scout magazines